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Nick Karuna

Director, Matakana Osteopaths. Registered Osteopath & Western Medical Acupuncturist.

PG. Cert (WMA), M.Ost, B.AppSci, BA.Hons, CIM.Dip OCNZ & ACC Registered

Nick has over 14 years professional experience as a clinician and enjoys using osteopathy, acupuncture, electroacupuncture, vibration therapy and cupping as well as exercise prescription in his treatments, depending on his patient preferences and appropriateness. He is registered as a western medical acupuncturist with the New Zealand Blood Register, which ensures safe and professional clinical practices. Nick is passionate about his work and loves treating patients from a variety of backgrounds ranging from professional athletes to trades people. Commonly people present with back, neck and shoulder pain or headaches which are driven by injury or postural strain patterns. However, over the years he has treated all areas of the body successfully. He has also undertaken additional training in paediatrics, obstetrics and cranial osteopathic therapy and enjoys treating children and pregnant women.

Originally from England, Nick worked in London before moving to New Zealand to enjoy a healthier lifestyle and a better way of life. Happily married and a caring father he enjoys spending time with his two young daughters, son and dog called Topaz. In his precious spare time, he enjoys windsurfing, kitesurfing, SUP surfing, surfing and cycling.

Felice Karuna

Director, Matakana Osteopaths. Registered Osteopath & Baby Specialist

M.Ost, B.AppSci, OCNZ & ACC Registered

Felice is a highly experienced osteopath who specialises in treating babies. She has been working as a specialist baby osteopath (Cranial osteopath) for more than 9 years and has considerable knowledge and experience to draw upon. She has provided over 5000 baby treatments and works closely with midwives and lactation consultants to help provide practical, sensible solutions and advice for unhappy, uncomfortable babies or those with neck turning or breastfeeding issues. She also works closely with mothers and pregnant women who are experiencing pain or postural problems.

She is passionate and enthusiastic about supporting parents and has undertaken extensive post-graduate training in the areas of biodynamic cranial osteopathy, paediatrics, obstetrics and breastfeeding. As a mother of three children she fully appreciates the importance of caring for mothers, babies and children.

Felice originally setup the highly respected Wellbaby osteopathic clinic in West Auckland, where she also tutored and trained other osteopaths to treat babies and young infants. She has now moved up to Pakiri and works with her husband at Matakana Osteopaths.

When not caring for others she enjoys life's simple pleasures such as playing in her garden or at the beach, being with her family and friends, knitting and making craft with her children.

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